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Dear Friends, 


When the nights are long and the temperatures chilly, ‘tis a good time to think back on the warmth of summer. This past summer, for example, when girls and counselors gathered under the pines at Camp Mary White, just as they have done for almost a century. 


We successfully had 104 girls up at camp over 2 weeks. They were enjoying horses, flag ceremonies, overnight outposts -- and the lodge was full of song!


FCMW has been working for many years to rehabilitate the facilities at camp. Thanks to your support, recent upgrades include a new water system that serves the whole camp, new showers for staff and campers, and a storage barn for equipment and our new mattresses. 


We invite you to help FCMW with its next vital priority upgrade – re-roofing the cabins, the unit kitchens, the infirmary, the cooks cabin and Lady Dee. Rain on the roofs sounds lovely–water dripping from the ceiling is much less appealing! Once the roofs are compromised, damage can occur quickly, necessitating very expensive repairs.  


Please consider a year-end donation to make sure our campers stay dry!


  • $25 donation purchases 8-Square Feet of roof material

  • $50 donation purchases a Bucket of Fasteners

  • $75 donation purchases 10-Square Feet Roof Underlayment

  • $100 donation purchases Roof Support

  • $280 donation purchases 1/4 of a Cabin Roof Installed

  • $560 donation purchases 1/2 of a Cabin Roof Installed

  • $1,120 donation purchases a New Cabin Roof Installed


Please go to our use the button below to make your donation today. Alternatively, you may send a check to the address indicated below.


Donations of $250 or more will receive a free CMW baseball cap!


Thank you for your support. Happy Trails and Happy Holidays!



Tracy “Josh” McFadden                                            Liz “Lash” Longrenn

President, Board of Directors                                     Executive Director

Make your check payable to Friends of Camp Mary White and send it to: FCMW, 5109 82nd, Unit 7 #1166, Lubbock, Texas 79424

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