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Lodge with a new coat of paint.

Jana "Roadie" Sauerwein painting the Lodge exterior.

Replacement of soft porch planks and steps.

Lighting installed in pantry.

Liz "Lash" Lonngren and Kathie "Kit" Shepherd painting kitchen.

Pam "Tempo" Homer painting kitchen cabinets.

Sarah "Kermit" Worley fixing kitchen drawers.

Lodge Upgrades


We complete various updates to the lodge, kitchen and pantry in 2016. In addition, a new septic system has been installed. The PY Foundation provided a matching grant of $35,000 to be be used to complete these projects. Friends of Camp Mary White is pleases to announce that we have completed the $35,000 match!!


Gold Awards

In 2011-2012, four girl scouts; Kathleen "Quiver" Heitzinger, Samantha "Jazzy" Sword-Fehlberg, Michelle "Runner" Haack, and Katie "Sparky" Gutierrez completed Gold Awards that helped to revitalize the camp grounds. The projects included a new archery range, new furniture in the lodge, telescopes for astronomy enjoyment, remarking the Halfway to Heaven trail, and revitalizing the A&C building. 

New Lodge Roof

Thanks to the generosity of ABR Roofing (Lubbock, TX) ARMKO (Lubbock, TX) the Ingham Lodge received a new roof that was unveiled at the 85th Anniversary during the summer of 2012.

All Unit Kitchens-- Completed 2015

To ensure stability, the beams were stripped and sealed along with the replacement of deteriorated logs. Also, a retaining walls were built behind some kitchens.


Historical Marker

To commemorate the impact Miss Mary has had on New Mexico, the Historical Marker was placed at the bottom of Bear Canyon.

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